5 Ways to Travel Like a Holiday Systems International Celebrity

Holiday Systems InternationalIt’s simple being envious of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who get to travel without the need of any limitation. Destinations just like Monaco and Fiji are inside achieve thanks to many cash and most likely, airline miles. We dream of using a private jet, traveling to nice places or staying inside a 5-star resort rather than the Holiday Inn. Luckily, experience travelers can fill their craving for traveling as if you happen to be a million bucks without the need of heading broke.

Treat yourself to an upgrade: Ever do the walk of shame in an airplane? Very first class passengers are sitting comfortably although you’re shuffling towards the back for ones cramped economy seat. Constant travelers ought to be in a position to save up or upgrade effortlessly to experience the rewards of very first class at least once. Do so cheaply on the National flight wherever you’ll be in actual comfort for three hours with out spending thousands on an costly flight. For that quantity of time, you’ll be sipping on mimosas as should you owned them! Holiday Systems International sports travel packages

Travel with great high quality luggage: Regardless of the income, it’s a necessity to travel with great luggage. It doesn’t mean it is advisable to overspend on brands including Samsonite or Coach. A single piece of beneficial high quality luggage can last for ages. Women can particularly believe rich and famous by investing inside a designer carry-on bag. You can even discover 1 on discount during your travels! 1 walk to the airport and you’ll be stopping the presses using a nice outfit on, high heels and your carry-on Louis Vutton bag.

Stay at an all-inclusive resort: When planning the perfect vacation, getting one of the most bang for your buck is crucial. Most have a tendency to book hotels and flights together to acquire a much better discount. Consume this concept for the following level by booking an all-inclusive resort. Discover destinations like Cancun or Punta Cana which feature exotic resorts that serve up the creme de la creme of everything that’s luxury travel. Pay 1 price for your trip, arrive and indulge during the feeling of not spending a buck to order drinks for everybody at the pool bar! Holiday Systems International resorts are the perfect choice.

Travel and do issues inside a group: It’s often nice to plan a big trip with buddies or loved ones members. Maybe you will be considering of the girlfriend’s getaway with cheap flights to New York City or a household reunion at your parent’s household in Chicago. Big cities can also be high-priced with so quite a few big name hotels. Traveling with others is usually a cash saver, but for your few additional bucks, you’ll find yourself having a nice upgrade. Maybe take into account renting a loft apartment following Spring Break season as soon as costs drop. Stay inside a fancy hotel outside of New York City having a bus close by having a gorgeous view on the skylike that your Manhattan close friends are going to be jealous of! Even should you are a solo traveler, make buddies at a hostel or hotel to save on daily activities. Who doesn’t adore sitting together inside a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower sipping over a nice cup of coffee? HSI Spring Break in Myrtle Beach!

Travel to unknown destinations: Celebrities are often searching to become out on the spotlight, meanwhile, you happen to be producing one thing to become in it. The ultimate method to travel like the rich and famous is to actually do the opposite. After the globe often has its eye on you, all you desire to accomplish is hide out in places which are remote and untouched. Obviously, we can’t afford a secret honeymoon like the royal couple Will and Kate, but look at luxury travel in cheap destinations. Take into account renting a individual suite in Buenos Aires, or have dinner fit for your King in Beijing.

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Many Americans scared to take vacations, worried about job security

Holiday Systems InternationalPeople in America used to take time off and kick back during the summer months. Not so significantly any more. In bad economic times, many persons are as well afraid to leave the workplace in your few weeks or even just several days. Those who already consider apprehensive about their employment security don’t wish to consume any unnecessary chances. Specifically when several organizations undergo downsizing or restructuring, employees are extremely hesitant to leave work behind. For some, it truly is additional stressful to become absent inside the office than to stay put. Popular HSI vacation destinations.

Today, the U.S. will be the only industrialized region that doesn’t have labor laws that include minimum leave. The European Union, for example, requires that all workers consume a minimum of four weeks’ vacation time every year. Several member states exceed that mandate. Those people numbers are unfathomable for most Americans. More Holiday Systems International clients plan on taking a vacation.

Holiday Systems InternationalExpedia.com, a travel reservation company, conducted a survey that compared the vacation habits of citizens within the world. Based on this research, 34 percent of People don’t take the full vacation time they earn every year. By contrast, only 22 percent of French and 24 percent of German workers don’t use up their allotted time. Only the Japanese vacation a smaller amount than we do – just 8 percent consume off every day they’re owed.

That doesn’t mean that workers the following would not like a lot more paid time off than they’re getting from their work – if they get any at all. Survey right after survey has shown that People in the USA are dying for getting a lot more high quality time for themselves and their families, even if it would mean a cut in pay. Experience the Holiday Systems International difference.

Still, “sacrificing your vacation won’t necessarily save your job,” said Joe Robinson, author of “Work to Live: The Guide to Getting a Life,” who is also an advocate for a federal paid-leave law. “I talked to a woman who worked at a company for 25 years and had five or six weeks of paid leave. She only used three, four or five days a year – and she got laid off like everyone else. This does not insulate you from layoffs. It does leave you wondering why you gave up your life,” said Robinson.

Even individuals who dare to venture off don’t often know how to separate themselves entirely from their work place. Many workers discover it unthinkable to leave their laptops and smart phones permanently switched off during vacations.

Today, quite a few firms realize far better the value of the health-promoting work environment and establish their policies accordingly. But often it’s simpler to generate structural changes than to overcome the habits of individuals.

Source: SeattlePI

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How to make sure your home is safe before leaving for vacation

Holiday Systems InternationalSummer may be the most well-known time of year to consume weekend trips towards beach, week-long vacations to other parts in the region and even month-long visits to exotic locations throughout the world. On a budget? View vacation news and tips from Holiday Systems International.

During the vacation planning and packing process, we’re all excited at the notion of visiting one more location that we usually don’t location the safety of our vacated property at the top of our list of priorities.

Many local police departments urge all residents to prepare their homes for being left empty ahead of a vacation, as difficulties most usually arrive when homeowners don’t take the needed precautions concerning household safety.

Primarily, it’s critical to examine and repair all locks on doors, windows and also the garage. Examine light timers to make certain they work properly, make certain all appliances are turned off and how the appropriate air conditioning or heating setting is turned on.

Another suggestion is to notify the write-up office and newspaper delivery services to stop deliveries even though you will be away and to examine that all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in great working condition. Also, consider installing burglary alarms, home security and/or surveillance videos. These can help you keep your peace of mind while you enjoy your Holiday Systems International vacation.

According towards the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere inside the United States every 15.4 seconds.

To aid prevent burglaries, put indoor and outdoor lights on timers, stop all deliveries, have somebody cut your lawn, park vehicles from the driveway and notify a trustworthy neighbor of one’s departure and arrival times and leave an emergency quantity with him or her.

Due on the elevated use of social media technology, quite a few folks are promoting their vacations on the Internet, particularly via away messages and on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Try to avoid publicizing vacation plans over the Internet, in particular youngsters posting facts on Facebook. Holiday Systems International blog.

If residents would like for ones police department to know that their household is vacant in your period of time, contact your local department and request being put over a “vacant residence list.” This list includes details about household and emergency contact information. Even though the police department can’t examine every household individually, the facts are kept inside a folder at the police desk in situation of emergency or suspicious workout at or near the residence.

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Planning a vacation? Try all-inclusive with HSI

Holiday Systems InternationalCancun, the Bahamas, Aruba, Jamaica as well as the Dominican Republic top the list in the majority of places to stay. You can also use Holiday Systems International to vacation in Las Vegas, Orlando, the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc. Try taking an HSI vacation to Myrtle Beach in 2012!

Some resorts cater to singles, others to couples, families or gays. Excellence Resorts are adult-only in Mexico and Dominican Republic. SuperClubs (Hedonism and Breezes) offer cost-free weddings/renewal of vows and also a satisfaction, hurricane, and sunshine guarantee. At most you don’t need to buy drinks, meals, or activities; tipping may even be included. See tips on how to save money on your next vacation with Holiday Systems International.

Because water, food and drinks at some destinations will be expensive, all-inclusives can save many money. Every resort will have its individual style: They can be beachside/mountainside and offer tennis, golf, spa facilities, specialty treatments, entertainment, and planned activities. Water sports such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, and paddle boating are usually available. Depending over a residence it is possible to need to pay additional for jet-ski rentals, golf carts, etc. In case you are a certified diver some include 1 or a couple of tank dives a day.

Meals can be lavish buffets or five courses. The quality and quantity of foods varies widely; snacks might be accessible for in-between times, plus 24-hour room service. Typical liquor brands are generally free; specific brands may well price extra.

If you need to relax and not get out your wallet every time you want to accomplish something, this vacation is for you. Families benefit, as many will allow youngsters under a particular age to stay for free, and fully supervised activities give parents many leisure time. Child care services can also be from as required babysitting to person nannies.

The bottom line is that all-inclusives normally cover most issues you need to do, but research carefully to choose the correct one. Read Holiday Systems International company overview or customer testimonials for more information. Also, read a travel blog by Robert Smith for reviews and testimonials. Connect with HSI on FacebookTwitter, and our LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn company page.

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Everything you know about taking a vacation is probably wrong

Holiday Systems InternationalLet’s not mince words: Everything you know about “taking a vacation” is wrong.

I’m not kidding. What you know about holidays is wrong about time, wrong about place, wrong about method, and, most importantly, wrong about attitude.

Salaryman and entrepreneur, boss and employee, sybarite and worker bee: We’re all prisoners of the travel “industry” that wants to direct us to particular places at specific times. We’re slaves to our history, which lionizes the Very good American Summer Vacation simply because that may be what we had as schoolchildren. And we’re bamboozled by politically proper firm commentators who insist that you might be cheating yourself unless you entirely unplug from your day-to-day life in your specified period of time.

The additional you travel on business, the much more you realize how the effortless act of “going somewhere” for a set quantity of days just isn’t a vacation. If that have been true, corporation travelers would usually be on holiday. Travel is self-evidently not a cure for what ails you.

But rather than produce a laundry list of what’s wrong with generally accepted ideas of the vacation—and, additional specifically, the summer vacation—let me lay out some choice techniques to resting, relaxing, and reinvigorating your mind and body.

Maybe Now Isn’t the Time
I realize the virtually primeval drive for your summer holiday. The weather from the Northern Hemisphere is commonly pleasant. We usually got a summer holiday as schoolchildren, and that vacation period is rooted within the rhythms of our agricultural past. The Italians have even enshrined the thought of the summer vacation period as Ferragosto. It’s a national holiday on August 15 and marks the height in the seasonal travel frenzy.

But here’s a question that may be specially relevant for entrepreneurial types: After are you most productive? It’s commonly when you will discover a lesser amount of men and women close to and you’ve time to think and produce with out the distraction of corporate processes and niggling day-to-day annoyances. And just isn’t that now, within the middle of summer, after everybody else is on holiday?

Bottom line: Give yourself the freedom to stay inside the office after everybody else is gone. You might be surprised how significantly you create.

Who Says It is advisable to Go Somewhere?
I’m a big fan of travel, but I try not being a tool in the travel industry. It’s inside the industry’s financial interest to convince you to go somewhere over a holiday. Following all, should you don’t fly, book hotels, and rent cars, they don’t make money.

But travel is pricey and usually disruptive. You possibly can do just as well staying residence on the holiday. In case you crave sleep, pull the covers more than your head and snooze. If all you would like to try and do is work inside your garden, do it. Merely need to tackle that stack of unread books and unscreened videos? What much better location than the cocoon you’ve manufactured for yourself at home. And here’s anything you rarely hear: You likely don’t know your personal hometown in addition to you should. Your most effective vacation strategy could possibly be sticking close and seeing the websites you pass every day over a method to work.

Bottom line: Give yourself the freedom to stay house if that helps you relax and recharge. Don’t take a traveling holiday just so you may say you have been “on vacation.”

More Breaks Are Better
All the surveys say Individuals consume as well few vacation days. I’m a big fan of taking additional days, but, no matter how many days you have, why blow them all on a single big summer holiday? It’s ludicrous to think that a single extended vacation can offset all of the stress that develops in today’s 24/7/365 business environment.

The far better strategy is to take more, albeit shorter, breaks. A getaway during the dog days of August is fine, but won’t you desire some time off during the dark days of February too? Don’t you desire some time within the spring and from the fall as well? Periodic getaways, even if they’re shorter, will break up the work periods and make you additional creative and productive.

Bottom line: Don’t bank your physical and emotional well-being on a single extended holiday a year. Plan out a series of holidays that allow you to appreciate downtime whenever you require it most.

Go Your personal Way
The trouble having a conventional summer vacation is that everybody else wants to go exactly where you’re going. Worse, everybody who lives and works in which you happen to be heading is most likely on holiday too. Which methods lots of the places you need to visit aren’t at their best.

The perfect instance is Europe. Individuals make this mad rush to visit the continent in July and August and they very easily understand that Europe is lousy with tourists and also the Europeans themselves have gone on holiday. Besides, if you will be interested in visiting the Southern Hemisphere, now’s not the time. It’s the middle of winter there, and, unless your goal is often a ski resort, the weather is inclement at best, rotten at worst.

The far better time to visit any urban area anywhere within the globe is usually during the spring and fall. The social and cultural life from the city is in full swing, the restaurants are all open, and you will discover much less holidaymakers waiting on lines and clogging the streets. The Caribbean in October and November is just as warm—and much less costly—than it’s going to be in February and March.

The bottom line: Find out after the “shoulder season” for your destination is. That may be the period in between the high tourist season as well as the so-called off-season. The shoulder season is almost certainly the sweet spot for great times at reasonable prices.

Don’t Disconnect From Life
I chuckle after I hear supposed “experts” who advise entrepreneurs along with other businesspeople on holiday to shut off their cellular phones, stop checking email, and leave laptops behind. Do these persons live inside the true business world?

You know what will happen should you stop reading your email though you will be on holiday: You’ll return to thousands of them and spend weeks trying to play catch-up. You’ll be exhausted by the end from the very first day back.

A much better strategy is to devote a set quantity of time every day on holiday to deal on the business life you’ve temporarily left behind. Read your email, verify in within your staff, whatever you have to do. It’s going to not merely quell the voices from the back of the head saying you’re out of touch, it is going to guarantee a smooth transition whenever you get back to work.

Work From Somewhere Else
If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you may not have the time to take as several holidays as you’d like. Or you might be 1 of those who live to work and just can not imagine creating a thing but work.

That doesn’t mean you can’t consume a vacation of sorts. Why not work from somewhere else? Pack up what you need, go somewhere else—Rome, Bali, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, wherever—and continue to work as usual. You’d be surprised how relaxing and invigorating it’s to live your usual life in some other place. Different lunch joints, new shopping experiences, and new tunes on the radio or newscasts on TV make it consider like a holiday. And even should you work all day, you’ve evenings and weekends totally free to wander a brand new city and take new cultural events. It might not be a conventional “vacation,” but you’ll find that your creative juices are flowing.

The Fine Print…
What creates me content on holiday? Trying to live being a local. To me, living an individual else’s daily life is fascinating. I usually make it a point to visit the local photography studio to determine what holidays folks celebrate and how they dress. I walk through the local industry to determine how they butcher meat, what vegetables natives love, and which packaged solutions they prefer. I take in long, random walks and watch the locals at play, at dinner, and heading about their normal routines.

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Discovering Dubai’s urban vibrance with Holiday Systems International

Dubai is a popular vacation destination among Holiday Systems International clients.

(CNN) — Fascinating, vibrant and multicultural. Holiday Systems International

Those are a just a few of the words Dubai’s visitors use to capture its essence. You can never prepare for how the ever-shifting landscape will seek to change something within you as well.

The larger-than-life grandeur of its towering city skyline, fleet of construction cranes signaling progress and crowded, fragrant souks — or markets — all combine to present the swirling scene of Dubai.

But in order to soak up Dubai’s eclectic diversity, you have to prepare for another truth: “Dubai is worth a trip, but not all that glitters is gold,” iReporter Holger Bauer said. Knowing how to navigate the city is key to making the most of your trip.

But don’t let a fear of the unknown keep you from setting off on a Dubai adventure.

“It’s a crossroads of many cultures,” iReporter Derek Matthew Koebbe said. “They have a 30-year plan to become one of the largest economic and tourist regions in the world. I would love to travel there again to see this progression.”

Dubai’s captivating mystique, beauty

City with a view

For first-timers or repeat visitors, taking in the breathtaking view of Dubai from the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is a must.

“You can get a very good view and ‘lay of the land’ by going up to the top floors of buildings, such as hotels or the Burj Khalifa,” Anderson said. “Going to the viewing deck of the Burj Khalifa in the evening is especially magical. You can view the nightlife below as well as the dancing fountains show, which is absolutely spectacular at night.”

iReporter Sara Ruedy recommends taking the elevator ride up to the 160th floor for a 360-degree view of Dubai’s overall splendor. And while visiting the Burj Khalifa, located in the heart of downtown Dubai, don’t forget to explore the “large variety of trendy restaurants, aesthetic pools and fountains, and upscale shopping,” she said.

What to do, where to go

[via Flickr”]The Dubai Mall : United Arab Emirates : The la...

Dubai is full of activities that cater to any traveler’s whimsy. From the adventurous recreationalist to the avid shopper, this city is a treasure trove just waiting to be explored.

“The malls are epicenters of activity and entertainment, from indoor ice skating and downhill skiing to aquariums, and of course, the high-end luxury shops,” Anderson said.

Dubai is known for its array of fountains, so take the time to stop and enjoy the show. The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, features a choreographed fountain show, according to Anderson.

“One of the best ways to view the shows, which run regularly throughout the day, is to grab a seat for lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants in the mall with outside terrace seating. The food is delicious as well!”

Ruedy agrees with Anderson when it comes to the food at Dubai’s main mall.

“I ate at a Lebanese restaurant named Karam Beirut within The Dubai Mall. The restaurant was unique in that large plates of every fresh vegetable you can think of were provided during the meal, creating a hearty and healthy eating experience.”

Dubai, home of the extravagant, also has the world’s only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. But if you can’t afford a stay in 7-star luxury, the city has other agreeable options.

“I would recommend staying at any of the Jumeirah properties, as they are on the beach,” Koebbe said. “They have Burj Al Arab as well as the very affordable Madinat Jumeirah. The Madinat has a water park called Wadi Wadi that kids really enjoy! The property also has a replica of a traditional souk with over 40 shops and restaurants.”

If you haven’t satisfied your shopping needs at the world’s largest mall, don’t forget to browse Dubai’s souks.

“Another must see is the gold and spice souks near Dubai Creek,” Koebbe said. “Be ready to bargain because they raise the prices for any foreigners.”

30 days, 30 kitchens: Making food in the UAE

How to explore

Before you begin, consider Dubai’s climate.

Koebbe captures it best: “Think of Florida’s humidity combined with Arizona’s heat. Average summer temps are 100-plus with 80% humidity. The best time to travel there is between November and March when the highs are in the 80s and the humidity is lower.”

Once you get there, take a ride on the Dubai bus system for a fun way to sightsee.

Getting around the city for a dime each trip is easy on your wallet, and it helps you connect with the locals and tourists around you, Bauer said.

If you want to explore Dubai’s more natural offerings, get outside the city. The countryside and deserts are a nice balance for the towering skyline.

“It’s wonderful to get into the countryside and see Al Ain or Abu Dhabi, not far away,” iReporter Eric Kossoff said.

“We took a half day tour with Arabian Adventures called ‘The Sun Downer,'” Koebbe said. “They pick you up a few hours before sunset from your hotel and take you into the Al Sahara Desert where you visit a traditional Bedouin camp. The camp provided everything from camel rides to hookahs and traditional foods along with belly dancers.”

Take in the diversity

If you take one thing with you from your Dubai experience, let it be the culture. You won’t find a replacement for it anywhere on Earth.

“Dubai is such a beautiful and uniquely diverse destination,” Koebbe said. “Wandering through the souks, you hear people speaking in Arabic, British and American English, Hindi, Russian, French and even Chinese. The city has both an old and new feel all around it.

“Wonderful smells of the spice souk are wafting around you mixing with the fragrances of some of the finest perfumes Europe has to offer. You’ll find older traditional souks on one corner, then on the next, the very American-like Mall of the Emirates with an indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. I found the local people to be very warm and welcoming.”

Source: CNN

Top 8 Reasons to take a Holiday Systems International Vacation

Considering a vacation with Holiday Systems International? Aside from having a wide range of destinations, HSI is by great customer service and reviews.
8. Fun in the sun
7. Winter getaways
6. Beautiful & exotic locations
5. Rest & relaxation
4. Sailing adventures
3. Breathtaking views
2. Spending time with family and friends
1. 5-star HSI resorts

For more information, read our company overview and customer testimonials. Contact HSI today.

Where should you go on your next vacation with HSI?

Holiday Systems InternationalSo, now that you decided to buy a vacation through Holiday Systems International, where should you go? With so many gorgeous and exciting destinations to choose from, it’s hard to decide. The good news is that all your options are great ones. If you’re in the mood to relax on the beach while basking in the warm sun you may want to explore the islands of Greece, Hawaii or the Bahamas. If you’re more in the mood to sightsee you can do so in such historic locales as Paris or Rome. Or if excitement is more what you’re after, New Zealand is your place! Known as the adventure capital of the world, tourists can enjoy a myriad of activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, heli-skiing, paragliding, snowmobiling and hang-gliding just to name a few. The point is, whatever vacation destination you choose, the team at Holiday Systems International will ensure it’s a trip you will never forget.

City in the Spotlight: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico is a popular HSI destination – even in the winter

Holiday Systems International - CozumelMexico is an ever-increasing retreat for HSI travelers seeking a vacation with a warm, tropical climate and friendly service at any time of the year (especially those winter months in the Northern Hemisphere!).  While much of Mexico offers both of these, guests in Playa del Carmen will find an added level of adventure without getting lost in a raucous crowd as is found in other holiday areas. “Playa,” as it is affectionately called by locals, proposes explorations of gourmet cuisine, a taste of the ancient Mayan culture, and family-friendly adventures.

Holiday Systems International

The Mayan name for Playa del Carmen was “Xaman-Ha,” meaning “water from the North.” Some say the Mayans only used Xaman-Ha as a resting stop before continuing on to the island Cozumel, but with such paradise beaches, we hope they stopped to enjoy the view! The Cobá ruins are a must-see for a family or lone traveler looking for a piece of authentic Mayan history. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as it’s a hearty walk. Once a large city, all that remains of Cobá are pyramids such as the Nohoch Mul, standing at 138 feet (42 meters). Tourists are invited to climb the steps to the top, but be sure to bring your camera – the view is photo-worthy!

Without once setting foot out of Playa del Carmen, though, guests can experience the culture which built this city. Area restaurants utilize traditional spices when cooking their meals. There are restaurants with conventional Mexican cuisine as well as Italian or American “Tex-Mex.” Playa del Carmen is a popular destination for Europeans, so delights of all kind are available.

Only 20 minutes south of the city divers will delight in the 42-foot (13-meter) cenote well-lit by the sun in an exotic jungle atmosphere. Cenotes (pronounced say-no-tays) are a series of caves formed by underground rivers, a geographical feature unique to Playa del Carmen. Divers looking for an offshore adventure will find excellent beaches such as the Xcalacoco. Bring your underwater camera! More HSI travel destinations in Mexico

Shopping is available all over Playa, though many will take the opportunity to ferry over to Isla Cozumel in the “Mexico Water Jets.” The average travel time is about 35 minutes, and only costs about $7.00 US currency. The shops both on the mainland and in Cozumel will offer traditional pottery, hammocks and jewelry, though some exploring may reveal unique wares such as painted feathers, musical instruments, and spray-paint artists. Whether planning a trip for one or many, Playa del Carmen hopes to offer a memorable vacation that will leave a smile in your photographs!

To book a trip to Playa del Carmen or one of HSI’s other exciting locations, you may contact us by phone, email, or at our website.  Please have your membership number and request ready so we can help you prepare a great holiday! Our vacation consultants will be happy to assist you.

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Holiday Systems International Vacations

A slideshow of some popular and amazing locations to take a Holiday Systems International getaway. Take a vacation in beautiful places like France, Italy and Hawaii. Visit holiday-systems-international.com today for customer comments and more destinations.